Welcome to Maris Stella School

Welcome to Maris Stella School


Maris Stella School is a Catholic Elementary School educating students in grades Kindergarten through Grade 8.  Maris Stella School is fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission for the Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges and Chartered by the Ministry of Education. 

The foundation of Maris Stella School is Jesus Christ.  Upon this foundation the "four foundation" of Respect, Responsibility, Concern for Others, and Integrity are built at Maris Stella School.



Minister of Education Directive No. 03-20 issued on April 15, 2020

By this directive, the following actions will be implemented accordingly.

a.   Cancel all classes until the end of the school year on May 15, 2020
b.   Students are to remain at home
c.   Continue remote learning by providing student lessons and activities through online learning or other means.
d.   Cancel all statewide assessments and postpone all teacher training
e.  Cancel 8th Grade Transition Workshop
f.   Compute student grades with three completed quarters including assigned work for 4th  quarter
g.  Cancel promotional day ceremonies for elementary schools
h.  Decide on arrangement for high school graduation at a later date
i.   Determine the beginning of SY 2020-2021 at a later date.
















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