Parent Council

Maris Stella School is blessed to have an engaged and active Parent Council that includes two parent representatives for each classroom.  As a parent or legal guardian of a student of Maris Stella School, you are automatically a member and it is our sincere hope that you will choose to participate.  Your active participation is important to our mission, necessary to our success  and welcomed as we work to build community.

Class Parent Representative Expectations/Reponsibilties

Class Representatives agree to serve as active, engaged parents and function as a liason between the school (principal/teachers) and classroom parents.  At the core of hte Class Representative's responsibilities is ensuring two-way communication and facilitating classroom activities that enrich the student experience.

To this end Class Parent Responsibilities:

  • Act as the communication liaison with other class parents and the classroom teachers as appropriate
  • Meet with the classroom teachers within the first two weeks of school to introduce themselves and discuss how class parents can be of assistance with special events and classroom tasks
  • Attend monthly PC meetings (at least one classroom rep must attend)
  • Coordinate and/or help assign classroom activities to other class parents
  • Organize and coordinate classroom contact list

Most importantly, so as to maintain and respect the privacy of Maris Stella families, class parent representatives recoganize that the use of school information gathered as part of class parent representative duties is strictly confidential and will never be used for purposes othe rthan those directly related to PC efforts.

Parent organization meetings and sponsored events are listed on the school calendar.

For further information about any fo the events listed or if  you would like to volunteer to help out at an event, please contact any of the board members.