Mission Statement


Mission Statement

Believing that we are created in God’s image.

The mission of Catholic Mission of Schools of Palau is to nurture the development of our students spiritually, intellectually, morally, and physically - a Palauan cultural context - so they may better live out their Catholic faith and  answer the Christian call to service.

The Four Foundations of our Mission

The foundation of Maris Stella Catholic School is Jesus Christ.  Upon this foundation the “4 foundation” of Respect, Responsibility, Concern for Others, and Integrity are built at Maris Stella Catholic School.

  1. Respect

Because we are all God’s creation, the number one school-wide policy at Catholic Mission Schools is respect.  Everyone at Catholic Mission Schools is expected to show respect at all times.  The Director and Principal are expected to show respect to faculty members, staff and students.  Faculty members are expected to show respect to other faculty members, staff, administrators, and students.  Students are expected to respect themselves and other students, faculty, staff, and administrators.  Everyone is expected to respect the campus and school property (this includes announcements placed on bulletin boards), other peoples’ property, public property, and the environment.  Failure to show respect will be dealt with immediately.


  1. Responsibility

Because the Mission of Catholic Mission Schools is to educate the whole human person so they can better live out their Catholic faith and the Christian call to service, everyone at Catholic Mission Schools is expected to live Responsibly.  We expect our students to grow in the area of responsibility, and we expect our faculty, staff and administrators to display and model Responsibility.

  1. Concern for Others

Living out the Christian call to service is a key part of our Mission at Catholic Mission Schools.  Jesus Christ himself calls each of us, as Christians, to be men and women for others.  Mathew 25 reminds us:  “I was hungry, and you fed me; I was thirsty and you gave me drink; I was a stranger and  you welcomed me . . . I was sick and you visited me . . . Whenever you did this for the least of my brothers and sisters, you did it for me.”

  1. Integrity

Catholic Mission Schools’ students are expected to be people of integrity, and are expected to act with integrity at all times.  By integrity is meant that, with a developed conscience, Catholic Mission Schools’ students know in their hearts the difference between right and wrong, and will choose to do right.  Catholic Mission  Schools’ students are expected to be trustworthy.  No real relationship – with God, with others, or with self – can deepen or last, if it is not built on trust.