Welcome to Second Grade!
Rosalie P. Occena

"The greatest reward of being a teacher is to see my students succeed" 

Warmest welcome to you all this S.Y. 2019-2020. I'm teacher Rose P. Occena, a second grade teacher. This is my second year at Maris Stella School. Last year was a productive year for my first students in Palau. I am expecting to have the best one this year.

I believe that the success of my students will depend on consistent study habit of a student and parents - teacher good relationship! Tapping the potential of my students is my priorities. God bless second graders, parents, guardians and all. Viva Maris Stella!


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Mrs. Rosalie Occena
Second Grade - Homeroom Teacher

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7:50-8:00 Homeroom
Rose Occena
8:00-8:45 Math
Rose Occena
8:50-9:35 Religion
Sr. Brenda Mwarike

9:35-9:50 BREAK

9:50-10:35 Palauan
Enita / Viola
10:40-11:25 Social Studies
Rose Occena

11:25-11:55 LUNCH

11:55-12:40 English
Rose Occena
12:45-1:30 Reading
Rose Occena
1:35-2:20 Science
Rose Occena
2:25-3:10 PE
Rose Occena

3:10-3:15 DISMISSAL