Welcome to Sixth Grade - Green!

A teacher is like a ray of light which can make your future bright!

My name is Maricel Perolino, the homeroom teacher of sixth grade.  I am teaching English, Reading, and Social Science.  This will be my first year teaching at Maris Stella School.  I am happy to be a part of Maris Stella School where in I can impart my  knowledge and skills in teaching students.

I am looking forward to a great and enjoyable school year, where students will intereact, cooperate and build good relationship with each other.










Maricel Perolino
Homeroom Teacher - Grade 6

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7:50-8:00 Homeroom
Maricel Perolino
8:00-8:45 English
Maricel Perolino
8:50-9:35 Reading
Maricel Perolino

9:35-9:50 BREAK

9:50-10:35 Math
Raymund Yutis
10:40-11:25 Social Studies
Maricel Perolino

11:25-11:55 LUNCH

11:55-12:40 Science
Ricardo Punzalan
12:45-1:30 Palauan
Laureen Ruluked
1:35-2:20 Religion
Sr. Fransisca Main
2:25-3:10 PE T/W/F
Music M/TH

3:10-3:15 DISMISSAL