Maris Stella School is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC).  As part of the accreditation and self-study, Maris Stella School community developed the following Expected School-Wide Learning Results (ESLRs) that guide and inform the academic, athletic, spiritual, and service programs of the school:

In accordance with the Mission Statement of Maris Stella School, graduates are prepared to live their lives spiritually, intellectually, morally, socially, and physically so they may better live out their Catholic faith and answer the Christian call to service.

Integral Student Outcome

Maris Stella School instills the four foundations of Respect, Responsibility, Concern for Others, and Integrity so that upon graduation a MSS graduate will:

Open to Growth

  • demonstrate an appropriate knowledge of their cultural heritage
  • understand the importance of good health, physical fitness and living a healthy lifestyle
  • develop an interest in learning and moving on to freshman year in high school
  • display the ability to make meaningful and responsible decisions, and to explain his/her thinking and reasoning appropriately
  • recognize the importance of being an effective communicator
  • have the ability to relate well and collaborate with others
  • have developed an appreciation for his/her talents and limitations with a sense of humility and gratitude

Intellectually Competent

  • have learned the basic academic skills required for beginning high school, including passing the Mindszenty High School Entrance Exam
  • have the ability to gather together relevant ideas and to present them coherently
  • have an understanding of what they are learning and why they are learning it
  • understand that making mistakes is natural and part of the learning process
  • communicate effectively through appropriate listening and speaking
  • display the ability to apply learned strategies to real-life situations
  • develop a sense of responsibility for the environment
  • use technology responsibly in accomplishing various tasks
  • have the ability to use spoken and written communication in both Palauan and English


  • have learned how to pray, worship, and participate in the mass and sacraments
  • have the ability to communicate and reflect on their faith
  • have the ability to connect with the faith life of the Church
  • have the ability to put their faith into action
  • have the ability to experience support from members of the school community
  • have the ability to learn to take into account and show respect for the feelings and opinions of others
  • have the ability to develop a sensitivity to God's creation and that she/he is a steward of His creation
  • have the ability to learn that the highest form of love comes from God through Jesus Christ
  • have the ability to learn the importance and centrality of the Eucharist to a vibrant Christian and Catholic community
  • have the ability to demonstrate a sense of self-discipline

Growing in awareness of Service

  • have a sense of how important it is to make decisions based on Gospel values and is beginning to be capable of making choices accordingly
  • have demonstrated a sense of being a member of the school community, family and society
  • have demonstrated a spirit of love, respect, cooperation, compassion, generosity and a willingness to use their abilities and talents for service to others
  • have learned how to support each other in the spirit of Christian family
  • have reached out in service to others through school activities, school projects, community outreach programs, and volunteer work
  • have participated in cultural programs that celebrate the uniqueness of the different cultures they respresent in the midst of their school community
  • have engaged in activities related to environmental issues, practices, and solutions
  • have developed their sense of responsibility and pride as good and contributing citizens of Belau
  • have begun to sense that sharing and practicing of Christian faith is a way of evangelizing


For more information about accreditation, please visit the ASC WASC website.